Tips For Your Visit

Download Your Tickets

Cell phone service is extremely limited in Craig and around our farm. This makes it important to download or print your tickets prior to your visit. We need the QR code or your order number in order to scan your ticket.

Prepare for the Weather

As an outdoor event and working farm, good shoes are highly encouraged. It can be windy, so hats and gloves are recommended. And on the those bright sunny days sunscreen as well. Shade is rare on the farm, as we cannot currently build any that sheep or wind won't destory.

Bad Weather

Snow, rain, and extreme cold makes our farm unsafe and not very fun. Please contact us on Facebook, Instagram, our email, or (406) 235-4227 if the weather report looks sketchy. There is also a live stream camera in Craig if you are curious on what the weather looks like in Craig. The website is When in doubt, if it snowing we are closed.


While cell phone service is limited, we still do accept debit and credit cards. We also accept cash as well.

Birthday Parties

You are welcome to host birthday parties at our farm. We recommend cupcakes over actual cake. Also, because of wind, balloons and decorations are not recommended.

The Maize at Night

The courtyard is lit but the corn maize in its entirety is not. We recommend that you bring a flashlight or two. We are also not haunted.